About matttan7

My name is Matthew Tanglao and I am a
baseball fan, primarily a New York Mets fan. I’m also
interested in other sports such as soccer, volleyball,
boxing, basketball and football. I do like collecting sports
memorabilia such as baseball caps and uniforms. I also like
reading maps of road and transit. I’m also into looking at
cars, trains (subways to the railroads) and buses. I am also
fascinated in computer coding and hoping to find work in the
computer field someday. To me, my favorite college sporting
events to watch in the middle of the year are softball and
baseball, other times, football (American) and basketball.
Pro sports, I like watching basketball (both genders)
baseball, American Football (NFL, Giants fan), and sometimes
soccer (MLS). I got into baseball at the age of 11. Before
that I used to think that baseball was such a waste of time,
because I really didn’t understand it that much. I was
rooting for the Mets at the time, but they kept losing and
the Yankees had everything going so I rooted for them more,
from 1998 to 2003. The Mets came alive and I went back to
being a Mets fan again. The Mets are my #1 team to cheer on,
but I’ll root for the Yankees as well. The Dodgers and Cubs I
like to cheer on as well. The Dodgers, because they were
establised in Brooklyn and the Cubs are the most exiciting
team in Chicago. I don’t have any major dislikes in Major
League Baseball.


Baseball, Basketball, Football,
transportation, softball, computers, volleyball. I enjoy
collecting memorabilia, (especially baseball caps with all
the different logos and colors)

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