The winter storm of 2010

While I was running some errands, I decided to take some photographs of
my neighborhood. It was really windy and a mix of rain and snow
occurred along my walk. The buses and subway aren’t affected too much
in NYC except that services will end early just to make sure other
services run smoothly.

All of these are taken in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn.

was supposed to be at school today but they decided to close, despite
only a few inches of snow falling. It’s still snowing as of this post.

These buses are still running, the B68 along Coney Island Avenue.

The Taxis of New York City are covered in snow too.

The snow has gathered a bit and puddles are around the corners.

A garbage truck lays there and takes the role of a snow plow.

A garbage truck taking the snow plow role instead of the garbage pickup. They were supposed to pick up garbage today.
This is the Brighton Beach subway station for the B and Q lines.

That’s all I’ll show for now. I hope you New Yorkers and those in the Northeast aren’t too cold.


It amazes me how well they cleanup after a snow storm. Hey I think 2.89 is cheap gas.
When you take public transportation early in the morning you can really feel the cold air more so than those in the car.

Great photos.
It always amazes me when I worked at Pepsi how it was us and the beer companies that seemed to work until it was untolerant during Hurricanes and massive rain storms.
When the mailmen and the UPS guys were huddled in their warehouses, we still poushed carts of products into the rainsoaked stores.
They actually said that gas prices have begun their yearly slow migration like maple syrup lower.
I always think that is a noticable ploy for people to get out and maybe go somewhere………like FL for Spring Training..
Stay warm and look out for errant snowballs.

Rays Renegade

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